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Seven days a week, ChinaFriends offers group and private Mandarin classes for children and adults of all levels.  Our center is located in a beautiful Victorian mansion owned by the Menomonee Club.  Occupying the entire third floor, we have four spacious classrooms, a waiting area with wireless internet for parents, a kitchenette, and our staff office.  We share a full kitchen, lovely outdoor space, and a parking lot, with our neighbors on the first and second floor. 

All of our group classes at the center are small (generally fewer than 6 students per class, and never more than 8) and highly interactive.  Children learn in a comfortable, upbeat environment using a mix of music, movement, arts and crafts, storytelling, and visual aids.  Our classes use an internationally acclaimed curriculum and a systematic approach to build speaking and listening skills, reading proficiency and writing skills.  Our experienced, nurturing, and highly trained teachers are almost exclusively native speakers and are simply the best in the business!  They make learning Mandarin fun!

class descriptions

Parent & Tot Class Ages   A 50-minute session for children (18 mo to 3 years) to attend with their parents or caregivers. Adults learn a new language alongside their children! At this young age, your child will learn to discriminate sounds and tones through exposure to Chinese stories, music & movement, and games.

Playgroup 3-5 years  
Mandarin playgroup for preschoolers is our most effective learning program for young children. Language skills are absorbed through music, story telling, and play.  

PreK Ages 3-5   These are a 80-minute drop-off class for children between 3 and 5 years old. Children are immersed in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with our native Mandarin teacher in a small group and learn Mandarin naturally through stories, music & movement, games, images and art activities. Common word and phrases using colors, shapes, numbers, foods, animals, people/family, etc. are introduced in Chinese.

Grades K through 2nd
  These are a 80 minute drop-off class for children entering K-2nd grade. Children will learn word, phrase and sentences units through everyday conversational Chinese and is taught through contextual and theme-based songs, games, movements, poems and role playing. We introduce Mandarin tones (pinyin), visual identification of characters, emphasize understanding simple commands and responses in simple Chinese phrases. This class is offered in Beginner (little or no prior experience) and Intermediate levels (at least 2 prior years of Mandarin instruction).

Grades 3-8  These are 80 minute drop-off class for children entering 3rd-8th grade. At this level, your child will continue working through thematic instruction of the curriculum and be introduced to radicals and writing Chinese characters. We emphasize answering responses in complete and full sentences.

private lessons & tutoring

Although group lessons are generally recommended for children, private lessons can at times and for certain children, be a better option.  In particular, if your child would like to start in the middle of a semester, private lessons can help your child catch up while he/she waits for the next registration period to enroll in a group glass.

If your child is taking Mandarin at his/her school but needs some extra assistance, tutoring services are also available.

Please contact Zhaoyi at zhaoyi@chinafriends.org for information on private lessons or tutoring services.


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